Edmonds Driftwood Players (EDP) is pleased to offer annual scholarships each spring to deserving students interested in pursuing theatre education. Scholarships may be used toward tuition at any college, university or technical school in the United States.

For 2023, EDP is offering one $500 Ralph Eaton Technical Theatre scholarship and one $500 Theatre Arts scholarship. The 2023 Theatre Arts Scholarship was generously funded by an anonymous donor to honor and acknowledge the over 20 years of service of EDP’s longtime member, Joanne Branch. All theatre majors are welcome to apply, but technical degrees will receive priority for the Ralph Eaton Technical Theatre scholarship.

Deadline for 2023 Scholarship Applications: May 29, 2023

Deadline extended – originally April 30, 20223

Submit via email to: [email protected]

Student Eligibility Rules

Applicants are required to submit the following documentation for consideration

Recipients will be selected through an evaluation of the above information as to content, presentation, and completeness. Incomplete submissions will not be considered for awards. It is recommended to submit all required documents at the same time as your application. If your school or mentor would like to submit documents directly to EDP, that is acceptable as long as we receive them by the application deadline. We will not be able to follow-up with individuals regarding missing pieces of their application packets.

The Ralph Eaton Technical Theatre Scholarship was started in 2011 by the family of Ralph Eaton, who was a beloved, long-time volunteer and friend to many at the theatre. The Theatre Arts Scholarship is a long-standing EDP tradition since 1988.


Establishing a new scholarship for Edmonds Driftwood Players is an excellent way to memorialize a loved one or honor them for their accomplishments.​Your scholarship gift initiates meaningful and long-lasting benefits for the recipients and the entire community. Contact the office for information on how to create a new scholarship.

You can also donate to the two established scholarships we have: The Ralph Eaton Technical Scholarship Fund for students with a more technical, behind the scenes focus or the Theatre Arts Scholarship for students with a focus on acting.

Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

Cami Taliaferro-Barber

2022 Ralph Eaton Technical Theatre Scholarship

Cami Taliaferro-Barber

Cornish College of the Arts, Performance Production

A very promising and accomplished individual, this is the fourth scholarship that Edmonds Driftwood Players has awarded Cami.

As a director, I am frequently leery of perfectionists as either an Assistant Director or a Designer. It is very important to me that I hold the reigns and can shape the direction of a production. This is the point that sets Cami apart: she can adopt the vision and direction of the Director and make it her own. In doing so, I have seen her blend her artistic concepts and thoughts with other designers [to help] create outstanding vibrant productions that are only achieved through a high degree of coordination. -Brent Stainer

Elizabeth Howlett

2022 Theatre Arts Scholarship

Elizabeth Howlett

USC School of Dramatic Arts, Emphasis on acting for stage & screen, voice, and script analysis

Winner of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, Elizabeth was editor-in-chief of Shorecrest High School’s literary arts magazine and a self-employed piano teacher.

Elizabeth sparkles. Without a doubt, she is one of the most remarkable performers I’ve worked with in both my academic and professional theatre career—truly one of those people that is great at everything she leans in to. She embodies skill and talent rivaling any professional I know, and most impressively, grounds those in strong character. She is sincere and kind, above all. She’s everything you hope for in an actor-a perfect amalgamation of her experiences, her ability to learn, her creativity, and the sheer talent she possesses. Her whole self becomes an artistic tool. -Andreas Kidd, Drama Instructor & English Department Chair at Shorecrest High School

Harper Flynt

2022 Theatre Arts Scholarship

Harper Flynt

NYU Tisch School of Drama, Emphasis on acting, dance, voice, linguistics, and foreign languages

Harper is a National Honor Society Member and winner of the Presidential Award for Community Service.

Harper is known among their family and friends as a comedian; as such, they sport a full but guarded smile, eyes that narrow and widen at will, and a sense of humor always ready to laugh and joke as a means of self-defense. Harper is a powerful, talented dramatic actor as well, with a sense of nuance, subtlety, and intensity (when needed) that frankly astonishes me. Their specificity is often spot-on, playing moments with recognizable clues about “the other’s” intention/reaction to their characters. Their sense of intention is intuitive and direct, with strong follow-through in transitions between beats. -Jeff Berryman, Actor/Monologue Coach


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