Create a Scholarship


Establishing a new scholarship at the Edmonds Driftwood Players is an excellent way to memorialize a loved one or honor them for their accomplishments. Your scholarship gift initiates meaningful and long-lasting benefits for the recipients and the entire community.

Almost all scholarships have a specific set of criteria that must be met to be considered for an award: age, field of study, previous accomplishments, cultural or ethnic background, and others. By creating your own scholarship, you can set the criteria for awards that you think are important.

Endowed Scholarship

Establish an endowment with a minimum gift of $10,000.
Endowments remain in perpetuity.
Endowments use only the income for awards.
Endowments are often established as memorial scholarships. It is a perfect way to honor an individual, organization, corporation or foundation.

Continuing Scholarship

You agree to fund an annual scholarship program for at least five years.
You determine the amount.
Continuing scholarships can be given in the name of an organization, foundation, corporation or individual.

One-Time Contribution

You can add your donation to an existing scholarship fund or, make a one-time gift to a deserving student.

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